Is Design Art?

The first semester of the graphic design career at the ENEP Acatlán was not yet finished some yesterdays ago when other friends, mostly students of humanistic jobs, questioned me about my decision to study graphic design since my facility with the visual arts was innate.


I will quote Joan Costa, one of the modern masters of design, in an interview a few years ago when he was asked about this:

“One can do many different things, paint a painting, design a poster, cook and play chess. The essence of the question is not the person who does the thing, but the thing that this person does: Art or design?

The adjective “artistic” is linked to the act of creation. But we are talking about nouns and capital letters: Art and Design. He mistrusts the adjective “artistic” when applied to something that is not art. But he also mistrusts “design” as an adjective: design furniture, designer clothes, design hairdressers or designer drugs. “