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Stay a moment, and dream.

2001 is still there, untouched, unchanged, just as Kubrick left it for us to revisit any time we like.

It's where there is still a thing called Future, and our old friends Time and Space are in sync again.
Like before, you can care about things worth caring about, yet remain at liberty.
For an instant, it will all suddenly still be there. The way it used to be, in the future.

The way it never will be, again.

That's all the Future is, after all. That's all any of it is.

Just an instant. The last instant has already gone.

Some time ahead, all other instants will go the same way. With them. Us. The lot.

Until then, dream on.

"This universe. It is a strange brew, Holmes."
"It is indeed, Watson. It is indeed."


On the moon

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Dan Richter
Moonwatcher's Memoir

Moonwatcher's Memoir
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C. S. Lewis
Out of the Silent Planet

Out of the Silent Planet
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James Howard
Stanley Kubrick Companion

Stanley Kubrick Companion
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They became the generation
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Association P. C.
Association P. C.
Morrissey Mullen
Morrissey Mullen



The Underview first broke through the surface on 1st March 1996.
Its purpose was to celebrate a vision of a future of promise and optimism, inspired as long ago as 1968:
"2001: A Space Odyssey".

But instead, the future has seen evolution plumbing new depths, with a mass of humanettes wired to the control word "me".

Way back in 1968, there was still an outside chance that the world could have been made a better place.

Instead, all that turned up for anyone capable of thinking beyond "me" was a sense of disenchantment,
and a yearning for a place long gone that may have never existed,
save in the imagination,
where morals still count and people still care.

The Underview today continues to be the most comprehensive celebration of "2001: A Space Odyssey" ever created,
so even as civilisation gurgles away down the cosmic sewers,
here are a few of the many interesting places you could once go to. Yesterday.

Today? The darkness creeps on.

Tomorrow? Who knows?

"Kubrick's "Zero Gravity Toilet" joke always went down well."
"No 9000 computer's ever been disconnected."
"That farrago of nonsense called "evolution"."
"You can eat with the same cutlery as Dave and Frank."
"Yours very truly, Stanley Kubrick, MGM Studios."
"V. impressive! Best wishes from Arthur C. Clarke."
"You have to keep squinting to remind yourself that the picture is flat."
"Natalya Bondarchuk is the most seductive other- worlder."
"What do you see?" whispers the aeons-old instinct. "But it's all... light!"
"Piers and I were in an Aladdin's cave and Harry Lange loved every minute of it."
"How things might have been..."
And you have hardly started.
"Don't ever tell anybody that they're not free...
they see a free individual, it's gonna scare 'em."

(From Easy Rider)
  Keep those SUVs rolling off the line.

Make that gurgle sound good.

After all, it's only a film.

Only another instant.

The ultimate trip

"The Underview" concept, design, web site and all related entities and realisations
are Copyright © from 1996 through 2008

There's bound to be someone out there who is desperate to copy them
Some molecules have all the luck

If Bob Dylan had ever really meant it,
he'd still be a poor man.

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