Is Design Art?

The first semester of the graphic design career at the ENEP Acatlán was not yet finished some yesterdays ago when other friends, mostly students of humanistic jobs, questioned me about my decision to study graphic design since my facility with the visual arts was innate.


I will quote Joan Costa, one of the modern masters of design, in an interview a few years ago when he was asked about this:

“One can do many different things, paint a painting, design a poster, cook and play chess. The essence of the question is not the person who does the thing, but the thing that this person does: Art or design?

The adjective “artistic” is linked to the act of creation. But we are talking about nouns and capital letters: Art and Design. He mistrusts the adjective “artistic” when applied to something that is not art. But he also mistrusts “design” as an adjective: design furniture, designer clothes, design hairdressers or designer drugs. “

Finding A Dentist In Midtown NYC Isn’t As Hard As You’d Think

If you are looking to make some real changes to your lifestyle, you may be looking at some general lifestyle tips to start out with. This is especially important if you want to make these changes long-term. Try and start with a couple we suggest below and slowly increase what you are focusing on. This way they will become a habit and you will be healthy naturally. Keep reading as the dentist located in midtown west nyc shares more! 
Drink more water
Did you know that drinking water can lead to clearer skin? It can also help flush out toxins from your body and cleanse your liver. Finally, drinking water can actually cause you to lose weight. A lot of times when we are feeling thirsty it is misguided for hunger. That means you suddenly are craving sugary sweats when in reality you just need to drink a glass or two or water. Which is more calories? Sugary snacks or a couple of glasses of water? Sugary snacks of course and that’s why it’s a good idea to stay hydrated. Try and carry a water bottle with you and make sure you are sipping it throughout the day. Also, when you first wake up in the morning your body will naturally be dehydrated since it has not drunk in a while. Make sure that you drink a glass of water soon after you wake up. 
Fill your plate with color
The next tip we have for you is to fill your plate with colorful vegetables. Did you know that different colors and different vegetables mean you are adding different nutrients to your body? Different vegetables are filled with different nutrients that will assist your body in different things. So try and not only switch up your diet, but add in vegetables that hardly have any calories in them but will do an excellent job of filling you up. 
Go to the dentist regularly
Going to the dentist is an important step in having an overall healthier you. In fact, it will not only cause you to have better oral health but better overall health too. Schedule an appointment with your dentist every 6 months which will help avoid dental work as well as help you to have a better relationship with your dentist. Some people may not feel like they are having any issues to may not want to go to the dentist. Some issues are not able to be seen or felt however and if the dentist notices them early on, they will be able to do something about it so that there is no pain or a large bill later on.

Also, when you go to the dentist you will be getting your teeth cleaned which will help keep your teeth healthy and your breath great! 

Exercise multiple times per week
You surely have heard that exercise is not only great for your heart but great for your entire body. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn throughout the day. If going to the gym doesn’t interest you, try and find a local sport or a group of friends that wants to exercise together. Whether you all cheer each other on and go to the gym together, you go for a hike each weekend together, or you simply go for a walk a couple of times per week together, it’s great to have a support system and do an activity that you look forward to. 
Take a multivitamin
Taking a multivitamin will help you get some of the nutrients that you may be missing in your regular diet. There are many different multivitamins out there so make sure you ask your doctor a great recommendation for your specific needs. 
Practice self-care
Self-care is important. It will actually keep you more energized and will allow you to live your best life possible. Whether that means you go for a pedicure solo or with your friends or you head into the mountains for a weekend and enjoy yourself with the beautiful scenery, practicing self-care will be a great addition to your life. Find something that you love to do and something that is in your price range and try adding it into your routine on a regular basis. 
Smile more
The final tip we have is to smile more. Did you know that even when you fake a smile it will cause your face to naturally believe something happy is going on which will cause you to be happier? That’s a great thought! You can put on your favorite song and smile and sing along to it. This is an easy way to put yourself in a happy mood. Whatever makes you smile more, make sure you add that into your regular routine to keep your life smiling. 
As you can see, there are many ways to stay healthy overall. If you follow these that are very basic, you will be on your way to a healthier you. They will even help you to lose weight if that is your goal too. For more tips on oral health or your overall health, contact us today.

How Do You Treat TMJ?

You may have heard of TMJ, you may not know anything about it, you also may have been told it’s time to treat TMJ. What does this mean? how do you treat TMJ? In this article, we are going to go over exactly what TMJ is and the different ways to go about treating it. Depending on how severe yours is will depend on the next step taken. Keep reading to learn more. 
TMJ stands for the temporomandibular joint. This is the hinge that connects your jawbone and the skull. You have two in total. Having a disorder can cause you to feel pain in your jaw and in the muscles that are controlling your jaw. It can be hard to diagnose TMJ as well as determine what the next step should be. This is because it can be combined with genetics as well as arthritis. Many people that have TMJ may have it simply from grinding their teeth, of course, it also can be from issues from severe. Many times if you notice it quickly and reach out, it can either go away on its own of you can self-manage it without having any treatment done. If yours is more severe and has been going on a while, it’s important to take a further step. 
There are many symptoms to determine if you have TMJ disorder. Some of these include pain in the jaw, temporomandibular joint or around your ears. You also may have pain when you are eating or making any movements with your jaw. 
If you believe you have TMJ disorder, there are a few things you can do. You will first want an examination. They will listen while you make movements to your jaw as well as watch it. If you have specific areas that are hurting you, they may also tough those parts. 
If the professional believes it is something to do with your teeth, they may recommend an X-ray or CT scan to provide more images which can show any problems that are going on. 
Although medication is not a long-term solution, medications can help with some of the TMJ disorders, especially until you determine the root of the issue. Taking an over-the-counter medication can assist with the pain associated with TMJ. Simple medication like Advil or ibuprofen may help tremendously. A muscle relaxer can also help with pain relief. You will, however, need a prescription for this. 
There are nondrug options that are also available. Some of these include wearing a mouth guard. This is primarily if it is believed your teeth are causing the pain. The next options if therapy. This involves stretching out the jaw as well as adding heat and cold to it. 
Depending on how bad your TMJ is affecting you, surgery may be the answer. There are many different surgical options for this.

Firstly, arthrocentesis is the easiest and least invasive. This involves small needles that are taking out debris and assisting with inflammation. Secondly, injections can assist with TMJ. They will help to relieve the pain in the jaw. Next, TMJ arthroscopy can be performed. There are very few complications that can occur during this survey however it is limiting for who can actually have the surgery. The next surgery option that can be performed is open-joint surgery. If you are experiencing extreme jaw pain, this may be the answer you need. It does have more risks involved so it is important to speak with an expert and look at all the risk factors before continuing with the open-joint surgery. 

There are a few different exercises that you can be doing to naturally assist your TMJ symptoms. The first exercise is simply to relax your entire jaw. You may not be doing this because of your pain, so you are going to focus on having your jaw and tongue completely relaxed. The next exercise is similar to the first, however, you will put your finger between your chin and your lower lip and gently bring your jaw down. Do the motion slowly and not more than 6 times per day. The next exercise will involve you simply bringing your chin inward towards your body slowly followed by bringing it back to the natural resting position. The next exercise is to open your money and gentle press against your mouth with your hand to create a resistance. The final exercise will involve you slightly opening your mouth and push your tongue to the roof of your mouth gentle followed up bringing it back down to the starting position. One of the reasons why exercises like this are recommended as a starting point is because there was a study in 2010 that said people that perform these Temporomandibular joint dysfunction will have a decreased pain when they have TMJ disc issues.
As you can see, there are many different treatments that are available. One of the things you need to ask yourself is how severe is your TMJ? Has it only got worse over time? Try some of these at-home remedies like exercises and see if they help. If the pain or discomfort continues, it’s important to seek advice from a professional. They will be able to perform tests and see exactly what is going on and let you know your options for overcoming this pain. 
If you are experiencing any symptoms of TMJ or know a loved one that may be, it’s important that you seek professional advice so that it does not get any worse. We understand that it may be affecting your everyday life, and that is why there is help out there so that you become pain-free. For more information on TMJ, contact us today.

How to Build Your First Website Easily & Affordably

One of the first steps in starting your business is creating a website. A great website has everything from well-written content to easy contact information to click on. Although it may seem easy and straightforward, there are a lot of steps that go into making a website that will attract potential customers. A website is the first thing that those customers are seeing, it’s important that you put your best foot forward. Keep reading to find out how to how to build your first website.
One element that a great looking website has is a blog. You may be wondering how to start a WordPress blog on hostgator. This is a question many people wonder because a blog can be so beneficial. All you will do is get your domain ready, get a plan from HostGator, connect the two and start blogging! A blog can greatly help your search engine optimization (SEO) as well as bring new readers to your site because they are reading a recent blog you wrote. Finally, a blog allows you to post fresh content on a regular basis.
The next time we have when setting up your first website is to understand exactly what your goal is. Is it to bring people to your store? Is it for people to purchase a product directly on your website? Once you know your goal, you can start building your website and keeping that goal in the back of your mind at all times.
Make sure that the writing is not only grammar free, but it is easy to read and understand. A website is not the place to try and look smart and use complicated words. Another task for high ranking websites is having good quality content. Make your website as easy to read as possible and have it all laid out so readers don’t have to dig to find what they are looking for, it’s right there!
Are you ever visiting a website and you can’t find their phone number? Maybe you want to check out and you can’t find how to make the actual purchase? Perhaps you want to ask them a quick question and just can’t find any information about the actual business itself. This is a huge no-no and can cost you so much business. Make your call to actions clear and visual. Make sure your phone number is listed multiple times. What may be clear to you may not be as clear to someone else. Have multiple friends go to your site and let you know exactly what they think and ask how easy it was to navigate.

If you are having a hard time knowing exactly what you are looking for search the web for some examples. Never copy any kind of website out there, but you can find inspiration from other examples out there. What layout do you like on some websites?

Make these notes and you will see a trend in things you like and don’t like about certain websites. They will allow you to come up with the design of your site a lot easier. If you are still having trouble, head over to Pinterest and start pinning different looks you like. This will help you to know what kind of color schemes your eyes are most attracted to.

Since your website is such an important part of your business it’s always a great idea to hire someone to work with you. You can always still have all your ideas and let them know, you can even write the site. Allowing them to work on anything you may not be able to do is a great idea to ensure your website looks as professional as possible.
As we said, it’s important for people to be able to contact you if they want to. One simple way you can do this is by adding a contact form on your website. Make sure the form links directly back to your email and works. Once you test this out it’s an easy way to ensure people can reach out to you whenever they want.
Do you have any testimonials you could add? These are a great way to ensure your business is of the highest quality. It also builds credibility. If you have a picture of the customer and even a website, this is a great way too to ensure potential customers know they actually said that. Make sure that you let the person that gave the testimonial a heads up they will be on your site. They should be excited you are linking their website to yours.
Since so many people look up websites from their phone these days it’s so important that your website is mobile friendly. What does your site look like when you pull it up on your cell phone? If it’s not good, this will drive away potential customers. Not only that, but it can negatively affect your SEO.
Now you understand how to build your first website and some of the factors that can help to make it stand out from your competition. Remember, this is the first thing people see when they learn about you, you want to put your best foot forward. With that said, it doesn’t need to be super fancy like you see others out there having. A basic site is so important to at least have up, you can always make edits to it along the way. If you don’t have any website then people will not ever be able to find you online. For more information on building your first website, contact us today!

Drawing And Text Are To Talk About Design And Art

Costa defines design as a functional expression, as an activity that uses art to communicate and solve a problem.  Art, on the other hand, raises questions. The cubism, abstraction, impressionism are questions about life, the world, especially our ideas, society, values and the human mind.

Although the design cannot be considered as post-impressionist, or expressionist, or informal, or surrealist art, if it is possible to say that it uses geometry, pure color, the graphic sign, the point and the line. In Nature, which is the inspiration of classical art, there are no lines or contours, but drawing and writing do belong to the nature of the sign.

The common denominator of art and design, according to Costa, is the graph, or “the graphic,” the Greek word that defines the common root of drawing and writing in the human hand.

There is graphic art, and there is graphic design. The first is the drawing and the stroke of the great painters. The second is the printing of cast characters in a Gutenberguian press.

But other currents exist that affirm that design and art are two branches of the same tree, where only a few can find the differences.

Lee Clow, legendary publicist and creator of campaigns as iconic as “Think different” from Apple, says: “Toulouse Lautrec was a great designer. His posters invited the community to the Parisian night shows. However today his work is exhibited in museums worldwide and is considered a master of impressionism. Our work ends in the streets and forms part of the urban landscape like the Lautrec posters. Would not it be logical to think that one day our work could end up hanging in an art museum? “